A Comprehensive guide to Men’s Perfume and Deodorants

A Comprehensive guide to Men’s Perfume and Deodorants

“Perfume is like a new dress.” It makes you look quite simply marvelous”

– Ester Lauder

Today, I’m going to discuss “fragrances” and would love to share my collection of perfumes and body sprays(deodorants) on the basis of my usage and research.

So, let’s get started.

Perfume vs Deodorants

First of all, I would like to clear a common doubt that everyone has before they go shopping for perfumes or deodorants.

Like a lot of us get confused about what to buy? Perfume or a deodorant.

Let me clear one point that, Perfume is applied to the clothes in order to remove the bad odor due to the body’s sweat, which sticks on the clothes resulting in mild stinkiness. Another reason some guys apply perfume is to conceal the fact that they haven’t taken bath for days and have piles of dirty laundry to do 🙂 Just kidding.

Most of the perfumes are used on clothes due to their strong alcoholic concentration, but it can be used on the body too.

On the other hand, Deodorants are used to remove body odor caused by excessive sweat after playing sports, gym or even after eating spicy food. It can be directly applied to the body and loses its effect quite early if applied on the clothes.

“The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…. and hopefully someone else’s”

-Elizabeth Taylor

Now let’s get down to the list I’ve curated for you guys.

Perfumes Under 5$ ( 300 Rs)

1. Park Avenue Original Eau De Perfume for men, 50 ml.

This perfume is your perfect “go on” for a date. With strong and very pleasant smell it tops my list.

Key features:-

  • A long-lasting fragrance which lasts at least 12 hours.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Designed with rich grapefruit to give a mild citrus top note with Himalayan cedar. It’s very refreshing
  • 50 ml Quantity

2. Set Wet Studio X, co-created by top renowned celebrity stylist Aalim Hakim.

It is designed especially for men who want to sport celebrity look every day.


  • It is designed with citrusy top note mixed with a heart note of a spicy fragrance and base note of cedarwood and musk.
  • Safe on all skin types
  • 49 ml Quantity

3. Park Avenue Premium Perfume, Magnifico, 150 ml

Park Avenue Premium collection is always a nice choice when it comes to low budget perfumes. Magnifico is for those who want to be a sovereign.

Key features:-

  • 100 % Liquid. 0 % gas.
  • Designed with a rich blend of grapefruit, entwined in citrus and floral carnation with Y Lang keeps freshness all day long. It is a powerful combination of Fougere oriental and spicy fragrance
  • 4x concentration of perfume

Now let’s head over to my next list

Perfumes Under $15(1000 Rs)

1. Park Avenue Eau De Perfume For men, 100 ml series

My list for mid-range is also topped by Park Avenue Eau De Perfume Series. This series is very attractive and boasts a loyal customer base. It’s like a cheesy pizza topping for apparel perfectionists. It is such a magical potion that my lady falls in my love more than ever. I’m not even kidding this time 🙂

Striking features:-

  • It wakes you up with a tangy fresh top note followed by a deep note of musk and vetiver.
  • It pulsates the energy of feisty orange and mixed to an aromatic blend of amber and musk.
  • In budget

2. FOGG Scent series:-

What comes in your mind when I ask you a question – Hotel? ( Yes, with the emphasis on that question mark). Most people will reply – Trivago!

Similarly, FOGG is like a household perfume brand, thanks to its aggressive media marketing. Let me hit you up with another question – Kya Chal Raha Hai?

If your answer was – FOGG Chal Raha Hai. Then Congrats, but we’re not giving away free perfumes for your meticulous answer 😛

Leaving the marketing aside, FOGG has lived up to our expectations by bringing a great series of perfumes.

Some of its notable names are:-

  • Impressio Scent for men 100 ml
  • Expressio Scent for men 100 ml
  • Intenssio Scent for men 100 ml
  • Xtremo Scent for men 100 ml

It’s hard to select one from the list, but my personal favorite is Xtremo as it comes with a sweet smell of honey amber and sandalwood. Simply irresistible.

3. AXE Signature Gold Iced Vetiver and Fresh Lavender Eau de perfume

A cool fragrance with a perfect mixture of apple notes, cardamom, berries and gingers provides a spicy yet enthralling aroma.

Let me take to the world of High-range perfumes:-

Perfumes Over $15( 1000 Rs)

1. Calvin Klein One Eau de Toilette – 100 ml

Calvin Klein as a brand needs no introduction. With celebrities such as pop singer Justin Beiber being as its poster boy, Calvin Klein is renowned globally. Further, every teenage in India knows Disha Patani as Calvin Klein’s synonym. You know what I mean!

Getting back to this perfume, it’s one of the best provided by the brand. To be honest, it has that “wow” effect. The other day when I wore this perfume, I managed to score at least 10 ladies at the club. How amazing is that?

Noticeable Features:-

  • Extra Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Simply irresistible
  • Expensive
  • Awards: FiFi Fragrance Hall of Fame 2010

2. Dolce & Gabbana the one for men

Dolce and Gabbana have always intended towards providing class and elegance to society. This is an incredible perfume with exceptional value.

Key Features:-

Long-lasting up to 48 hours when applied on the skin

Made by Oliver Polge the renowned French perfumer.

Awards Won:-

“The Perfume Shop People’s Choice Award” for men in 2009

“Best male communication” by academia del perfume in 2009

“Fifi awards for men’s health readers award” in 2007

Source– Dolce and Gabbana

3. Hugo Boss Bottled Night, 200 ml:-

Made by the German brand known for their extraordinary skills and styles towards personal apparel, Hugo Boss Bottled Night is destined to become the secret weapon in the boss man’s armory of seduction, instilling him with the same compelling presence that underpins his success by day.

Hugo boss is known for best styling and had been awarded by GQ men of the year award. The perfume is truly effective and trustworthy.

Now, let me introduce you to my three best picks for deodorants:-

Top Deodorants to buy in a budget

1. Park Avenue Neo deodorant, 150 ml

Park Avenue tops the collection of deodorants with its range of collections such as Neo, Voyage, Alter ego and many more.

It is known for an oceanic feeling when applied and lasts up to 8 hours

2. Adidas Dynamic Pulse, 150 ml

Adidas’s products are known for their sportiness, and this one is no exception. It provides up to 24 hours of freshness.

3. Axe Dark Temptation 150 ml

If you love chocolates then this one is for you. It comes with a smooth chocolate fragrance which lowers body temperature by 6 degrees. One of the best on the list.

EndNote: I hope you’ll find this post interesting. I’ve covered perfumes more comprehensively than deodorants because they are more popular and usually get the work done easily. Hit me up with any query related to deodorants and perfumes, and I’ll be glad to help.

About the Author

This post has been contributed by my friend Piyush Patel

Often hailed as the king of fragrances among his friends, Piyush is a self-proclaimed perfume expert who has used and reviewed countless perfume products. Other than that he is a gym freak, who also happens to be a competitive pizza eater. He specializes in computer Networks and Security.

You can follow him on:- Linkedin and Twitter

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