How to utilize Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your blog

How to utilize Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your blog

The initial stage of a blog or a website is very crucial. This is the time when you put in the extensible amount of work in generating the content, curating the look and feel of your site and most importantly search for ways to generate some traffic.

After all, if you don’t promote your blog, how will people know you have great content? In this article, I’ll discuss and share my strategies on how to promote your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook and How to utilize Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your blog

Facebook and Twitter are the world’s biggest social networking sites with over billion daily users. These sites have made our world a global village where people from all over the world participate to share ideas and almost everything that can be shared virtually. Hence, you can find lots of new readers through these social media giants.

Here are five effective tips to market your blog online:

1. Target an audience related to your blog/website

target an audience

This is a crucial step and I need you to understand it carefully. I’ve seen many digital marketers spamming their content on social media, and they do it aimlessly.

No one is going to click those links if the topic doesn’t have any relevance in their lives.

Let’s understand this first. Target your audience wisely. Let me give you some examples. For example, if you have a tech and gaming blog then you should be targeting people who are between age group 16-32.

If you write about philosophy or health then it’s not a good idea to target young teenagers. The age group for this niche I find intriguing is 25-52.

2. Tell a short story

Stories to attract viewers on facebook and twitter

Most people just copy-paste the links to their posts on Facebook and Twitter. My advice is to get creative. Try making a short interesting story that might invoke the urge to click on that link. Believe me or not, this works.

When you are sharing or tweeting something about your Article on Facebook or Twitter, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily stick with the title of your post. You can use a catchy quote from your original post or make your own headlines.

 Here are some killer tips to write great headlines by famous blogger Neil Patel.

He explains that catchy headlines can boost your traffic by up to 500%.

Isn’t it mind-blowing?

3. Using Hashtags and mentions

Use hashtags to generate traffic through facebook and twitter

This one is especially for Twitter.

If you don’t know what a hashtag is, well it is a word or two before a ‘#’ that makes common discussion subject for people who are tweeting. If people are tweeting about climate-change they’ll use a hashtag like #climatechange or #climatechange2020. There’s no fixed rule, however, hashtags are related to the topic people are tweeting. Now if more people use the same hashtag then that hashtag will trend on Twitter.

You can create your own hashtags for your blog posts, landing pages or even eBooks. But, it is also wise to use some popular ones. My advice is to use 5-8 hashtags related to your post.

Having explained the hashtags, let’s move on to mentions. Mentions are simple. It is a way in which you can send a tweet directly to your followers, audience or anyone on twitter.

Use @ followed by the twitter username of the person you intend to include.

Here’s a golden tip which I use:

If you have linked an article of any other popular blogger in your post, then you can mention them while promoting your post on twitter. Not only they will appreciate the mention, but they might also retweet it to their followers. That’s free publicity!

4. Use vibrant visuals to stand out

To make people interact with your posts make them more appealing & enticing. Use good images in your posts. However, refrain yourself from including images from google search. You can’t use images you don’t own. You can contact the owner and seek their permission to use the image on your blog or get copyright-free images from sites like Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexel.  One can even buy images from sites like Shutterstock or iStock.

Personally, I love creating my own visuals. I use the CANVA app which is available on the web, iOS, and Android. Use colorful images and cool fonts to stand out from other blogs.

Made with Canva

5. Engage Audience using Polls and Questions

If you have a community or few followers on Twitter and Facebook then you can engage with them by conducting polls about next blog ideas or asking feedback about your blogs. This will generate curiosity in their minds and make them feel special. You can get more clicks to your blogs too.

Try asking playful questions to spark more general interest.

Real Examples of how Twitter and Facebook Marketing is helpful

World News – A Facebook page of World News App Startup helps it to get more than 10K+ active monthly users directly from Facebook and Twitter. This startup shares regular posts on its Facebook Page and engage its users on Facebook and redirect them to the App download page. So by this, It generates new users through Facebook and Twitter.

Final Words:

So what do you think about this post? Have you tried any of these strategies? If not you might want to try a few of them in your future posts.

You can also read about generating traffic from Quora here.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “How to utilize Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your blog”

  1. What an insightful post! I have tried one of the above things and yes, it definitely works. Once, I tried adding some funny story to my blog link and then asking people to visit the post to know the rest of the story and the trick worked so well. 😹 Do let me know how to promote one’s work, if one doesn’t have social media. I want traffic. Lots and lots of traffic. Thanks. 🤗

    • Thanks! You should focus on a particular niche and write extensively, containing every possible details. This way, your site will rank high on Google search and generate organic traffic. That’s the best possible way. It’ll need hardwork and consistency. Meanwhile, making Social media accounts specifically for the blog won’t hurt. Give it a try too.

      • Huh, consistency and hardwork? I’ll try this after a few months then. 😼 And social media is about likes and followers na. I don’t have many followers, so I feel depressed ki I’m making so much content, still people hate my work. 😐 It ruins my life.

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