Using Linkedin to promote your Blogs

Using Linkedin to promote your Blogs

In a series of using social media platforms to generate traffic to your blog, I’ve covered the famous Q & A site Quora, microblogging platform Twitter, and everyone’s favorite Facebook. Today with “Using Linkedin to promote your Blogs” we’ll make this series more comprehensive.

So I’m back with this amazing blog post in which I’ll introduce you to Linkedin and then we’ll see how you can leverage it for your interests – That is, using Linkedin to promote your blogs.

Before starting the post let’s have a basic understanding of Linkedin. Well, it’s a social media platform aimed at working professionals and students. It helps you connect or network with working professionals of your domain, share ideas, interact, and find a job. Yes, you heard it right! Linkedin. in fact is a hotspot for recruiters, where they contact their potential employees for an interview. Read this mindblowing statistics of how LinkedIn helped 122 Million people get an interview call and 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site.

With over 650 Million registered users, Linkedin has over 350 Million active monthly users. Microsoft acquired Linkedin in $26.2 billion deal and since then the platform hasn’t looked back. It grew by over 50 percent in user count, while the revenue soared by 28 percent.

Enough about Linkedin, now let’s get to the juicy part. I’ll share 5 effective tips which you can employ to get ahead of other bloggers in term of your social media presence and promote your blogs.

Let’s get started

1. Make a good personal profile on Linkedin

Your personal profile is like a landing page and it has to be impressive. So work on that. Keep it up to date with your education qualification, work experience, internships, and courses you took. Ensure that the information you share is legit and your personality should align with your professional profile.

Linkedin for promoting your blogs
Sample profile

Here’s an impressive Linkedin profile of Clement Mihailescu who is the founder of – an amazing site to hone your programming skills. He truly utilizes his Linkedin profile to drive more people to his site. Although he’s not a blogger, still he utilizes LinkedIn very well. Most of his LinkedIn posts get a large number of interactions and ultimately more active users to his site.

You can see he has kept his website’s logo in his header which gets highlighted very well when a user checks him out.

So, make sure to add your company or blog name in your profile headline. This will ensure that your blog name is visible to the audience or person interacting or viewing your profile.

2. Be active

Spend some time on Linkedin every day, preferably around 30-40 minutes. Utilize this time to:

  • Interact with your connections
  • Making new connections
  • Reading posts, liking, commenting
  • writing your own posts
  • replying to DMs or connection requests, etc.

These steps will ensure your visibility on Linkedin and help you make a good solid community.

3. Write attractive Linkedin blogs

Blog lengths on the Linkedin range between 100-250 words. So that’s somewhere between micro-blogging site twitter’s tweet and a regular blog post of around 500-700 words.

Write blogs that will attract your audience. Tell a story using statistical data. People love and retain information better if it’s in the form of a story. Practice this stuff, because a well written short blog on Linkedin could gather over 10k impressions in a few hours. Pretty cool, right? So make sure you add a link to your blog somewhere in between or at last of your Linkedin post, highlighting why a reader should check your blog. Offer them delicious stuff!

4. Be consistent and enthusiastic

To succeed at anything, you don’t need an inherent genius or a high level of intelligence. You merely need persistence and consistency. These two qualities will help you reach your goals if you are religious to them.

So make sure you keep posting your blogs on a regular basis and keep your audience engaged. Don’t misjudge consistent posting with spamming 😛 Spamming is a huge turn off moment for a serious audience.

There’s a thin line between consistent posting and spamming, and you should honor that for better results. After all, you’re not some Tom, Dick, or Harry type of blogger, are you?

5. Be useful and helpful to others

Now, this is a piece of general advice, yet very effective. If you are sharing useful and interesting information on a platform, then surely you’ll get the recognition you deserve. Practicing qualities like helping others, generosity, and usefulness will make ensure good bonding between you and your audience.

Be open to new ideas, give effective responses when questioned, and most importantly add your special touch. Originality will help you to stand out among your peer bloggers.


So that’s it for now, I’ll keep on adding new tips to this post as I explore them myself. Till then keep exploring and do try these techniques to strengthen your social media presence.

In the next post, I’ll show you guys how to create your own Company/Blog page on Linkedin. Stay tuned.

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