Using Quora to generate traffic to your blog/website

Using Quora to generate traffic to your blog/website

What is Quora?

Quora is the world’s largest Question and Answer website where like-minded people gather to ask and answer questions.

I started using quora in 2016 and spent most of my time on the site reading answers. The courage to write answers came off a tad late. In 2018, I started writing mostly on Indian Politics. Initially, I didn’t expect any major response as Quora has some of the best writers for every genre. But to my surprise, I started getting a good amount of views and upvotes on my answers. One of my answers clocked over 100k views in a week.

Quora answer highlights

This answer has over 130k views and was widely shared across social platforms during election season in India, the previous year.

So one day I thought why not use quora to drive some of the traffic to my blog. I tried it on one of my posts and the results were good. Not only I was getting a good amount of traffic from quora, but that traffic was genuine and of high quality. This is how Quora Marketing is helpful.

The average viewer spent a good 4-5 minutes on my blog.

So if you’re a newbie blogger struggling to get organic traffic from the search engine you should try this method.

Some killer Quora Marketing Tips

The idea is to write high quality, concise answers on Quora and then attach a link to your blog post which will explain the same or similar thing in detail.

Beware not to spam or over promote which might lead to a ban of your quora account.

Be subtle.

For example, you answered something related to technology on Quora, then you can add a note informing your readers about your tech blog where you post similar tech guides. This way, it won’t look like shameless promotion and genuine readers will land on your blog and you’ll get your target audience.


  • Try to add value and say something original
  • Write your answers, and then link a related article of your blog to it.
  • Condense your quora answers. Make them short and valuable. This saves the reader’s time and leaves a good impression on them.
  • Be helpful and write answers which haven’t been written before. Don’t repeat what everyone is writing.
  • Don’t spam or copy-paste the same answer again and again.
  • Don’t overdo it. The promotion thing.

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How to Promote your Product on Quora

Quora is the best platform to promote your product by answering the relevant questions to your product. First of all, you need to find the most relevant and high engaged questions on Quora related to your product. Save them in your answer later section and give quality answers with reference to your product. It will increase your potential customers.

For example, AB’s Apps – a leading app company has gained 50K+ users for its product World News App by using Quora as a free marketing tool.

Quora’s Algorithm

Quora’s Algorithm promotes answers which it finds helpful by sending it to feeds of other users. So in that sense, you don’t need to have a lot of followers to gather views. I barely had 15 followers when my first answer hit 100k views.

However, I don’t completely understand how the algorithm works but I’ve noticed that if your answer is shared and upvoted in the first hour of writing it, then the views will rise exponentially in the subsequent hours. I had some quality answers which took hours to write and they have merely 5k views while some joke answers gathered 50k views without any efforts.

So keep writing and pray that the answer gets promoted! Once done you can use that answer to drive traffic to your blog.

My Quora account

My primary Quora account has over 750k views collectively with just 32 answers. So it is the quality that matters the most. On Quora, I write mostly on Indian politics and technology and both are the genres on which I write on this blog. Therefore whenever I write something interesting on Quora, and it gets promoted by Quora’s algorithm, I share a blog post in the closing statements of the answers.

Quora Traffic Statistics

Here’s the screenshot of my blog’s analytics. One post has 775 views. The majority of its views came from quora. So you can see how effective the technique was.


Quora can be an amazing source of traffic for your blog; not only that, but it helps drive a good amount of traffic for the long term and it also helps improve your online profile and your social influence.

I hope you guys find this blog helpful. Thanks for reading!

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